Have a read of some of the comments sent to us recently, letting us know how we've done! 

"I have had the pleasure of working with Catherine for several years.  We began with her coaching our organization on the implementation of an excellence standard several years ago.  With her guidance, we were successful in meeting our goals.  She not only taught us about the Standard, but worked with us on identifying gaps and closing them across all Drivers of the Standard including Leadership, Planning, Customer, People and Process. 


Over the past couple of years, our focus has become less about being certified to an excellence standard and more about addressing key gaps to improve our organization, particularly at the management level. Catherine has conducted 360 appraisals of all management levels plus guided all managers to set related goals to add to their performance development programs.  She has also conducted an employee engagement survey for us, conducted related focus groups and is now working with Management and Union executives to close the identified gaps. She has also conducted a complex resident and family satisfaction survey for us.


Catherine is a trusted advisor who provides ongoing team and personal coaching for our senior leadership team. She helped us develop a pragmatic balanced scorecard; and is currently assisting us with the development of an Enterprise Risk Management system. With her depth of knowledge, experience and passion, you will find an excellent mentor to assist you in your pursuit of organizational improvement."

Millie Colbourne, CEO

Breton Ability Centre

“I am delighted to endorse Catherine Neville for her knowledge and skills in management consulting. Her approach, style and many years of leadership experience make her an ideal coach to assist organizations on their journey to excellence. She has many loyalcustomers that have continued to use her expertise and advice over many years. I have personally worked with Catherine on several projects and have been impressed with her knowledge and passion for excellence.”

Kathryn Cestnick, Senior Partner

The Advisors Group

“I was an original member of CMA Canada’s Quality Steering Committee and then later the Director of Quality during our eight year journey to organizational excellence. In the early days of the quality journey, we were new to Excellence Canada’s progressive excellence criteria, and as a not-for-profit organization with a small staff, had few resources to apply to the work needed. We were therefore extremely fortunate to be referred early on to Catherine Neville at Catilyst Consulting with the result that our organization benefitted over the ensuing years from Catherine Neville’s extraordinary leadership, mentoring, guidance and teaching. Catherine not only educated our team, but our entire staff on quality, innovation, process, healthy workplace and so much more.


Catherine showed our organization not only how to implement an excellence criteria and change our processes, but helped us develop our holistic approach to organizational excellence. We actually changed our culture and Catherine’s guidance was a key part of that transformation. In 2011, CMA Canada attained the Gold Trophy and Level 4 certification in Excellence Canada’s Progressive Excellence Program – I can think of no better accolade for Catherine Neville’s work with our organization! 


In fact, now I am Director of Quality for CPA Canada, we are using Catherine's guidance yet again!"

Lianne M. Thompson, B.A.

Director of Quality

CPA Canada

“Catherine Neville is simply a delightful, knowledgeable and effective coach and trainer. She, as the President of her organization, Catalyst, not only provides all of the services she says she provides, but does so at an elevated level—one that few others could ever hope to match.


I have worked with Catherine on quality systems. My company primarily deals with ISO Standards, but finds it appropriate to recommend Catherine’s company when some of the organizations we deal are looking for additional support in leadership, planning and/or enterprise risk management. 


This is where Catherine really shines! Her coaching skills are simply excellent.  I have never heard a negative word about Catherine or her company. Accolades abound whenever you are researching her or her company.


I welcome each and every opportunity I have to work with Catherine and hope that out paths continue to cross—and often!”

Linda Lawrence,  B.A., B.T.


ISOTAC Enterprises