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Have a read of some of the comments sent to us recently, letting us know how we've done! 

"I have worked with Catherine Neville of Catalyst Performance for many years, while working for two different organizations.

My work with Catherine began with a focus on the Excellence Canada framework in my first company many years ago. Working with Catherine and my organization prepared me to support leadership initiatives as well as help to support my growth as a leader.  When I became CEO at my current Agency, I reached out to Catherine for her services to work with our senior team and myself on culture including employee engagement surveys and more importantly doing something measurable to continually improve. She is a strong advisor who willingly works with us on any leadership initiative to bring measurable results. She is well accepted by management and staff alike which helps build trust in the organization. Soon, with Catherine’s guidance, we will begin another excellence journey focused on a healthy workplace and building a stronger culture. 

We value Catherine’s experience and knowledge and trust Catalyst to help us over the coming years to become the very best that we can be."

Bryan Shone

Executive Director

Hamilton Children's Aid Society

"We began working with Catherine on governance earlier this year and I find her to be just as she claims -- a trusted strategic advisor."

Susan Hines-Kennedy


Kings Regional Rehabilitation Centre

"We began working with Catherine Neville more than 10 years ago, beginning with a focus on our management system.


Since then, Catherine contributes to virtually every area of our governance, leadership, and management systems, including, strategic planning and related maps and scorecards, implementation plans and tools, HR leadership support, 360- degree leadership surveys and action plans, employee engagement surveys and culture-building, resident surveys, Board governance, enterprise risk management and more. Catherine is very efficient and as my CFO said recently, we get the work of five meetings done in 1 with Catherine’s guidance. Progress is real and visible with plans put into action for ongoing continual improvement.  

Catherine truly is a trusted advisor to me and my senior leadership team. We are so lucky to have her and Catalyst on our team. "

Harman Singh, M.A., R.Psych.

Chief Executive Officer

Breton Ability Centre

"I have worked with Catherine Neville of Catalyst Performance for more than ten years, most recently as our freelance Vice President of Organizational Excellence.

Catherine is the Lead Coach for Excellence Canada and has worked with many of our key clients to implement their quality-based excellence systems and obtain a Canada Award for Excellence. In addition, she is one of two core developers of our new Organizational Excellence Standard and contributes to the development of all our Standards. She is also one of the core lead verifiers for the benchmark assessment and progressive certification programs.

Catherine has an amazing work ethic and delivers what she says she will deliver, on time, every time.

We value our partnership with Catalyst Performance and look forward to working together for many years to come."

Allan Ebedes

President & CEO

Excellence Canada

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