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  • Catherine Neville

Welcome to Catalyst Performance!

Hello, I’m Catherine Neville! After months of behind-the-scenes work, I am excited to share some news about my business, Catalyst Performance…. this is LAUNCH DAY for our company’s refreshed brand and renewed corporate focus!

For those who love to skip to the end of the story, today we are sharing our:

The detailed plot…

Over the past twenty years, I’ve worked with wonderful organizations and many super individuals in all types and sizes of business enterprises, government agencies and non-profits. What I’ve learned – as I reflected on how to continually improve and best deliver value to our clients – is that I am most passionate and inspired to help the leaders of small to medium-sized, purpose-driven organizations across Canada.

Therefore, Catalyst’s focus is evolving to where we feel we can contribute the most – helping executive leaders in the development of board and C-suite transformational strategies (and practical implementation) including effective enterprise risk management. And there’s more!

And so, here comes the refresh of the Catalyst Performance website to shine a light on our evolved focus. Welcome to our website - enjoy the new look and learn more about us. Please let us know what you think.

And follow our LinkedIn company page to learn more about our partners, services and

how we support transformational change.

Welcome to Catalyst Performance!

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