Understanding and demonstrating your employee and customer satisfaction levels for customers can be elusive.  There are times when you need to demonstrate your customer satisfaction levels either to meet


  • Excellence Canada Standard requirements

  • ISO 9001:2015 standard plus ISO/TS 10004 (Quality management – Customer satisfaction – Guidelines for monitoring and measuring)

  • And most importantly to meet your own requirements.


The same need can also exist for partners, suppliers and your own employee engagement levels. 


Catalyst Performance Partners can help by providing a Comprehensive Survey Package which is more than simply questions and answers; it forms a key part of your organization’s toolkit for success!  


We are pleased to design a survey, or survey set, not only for you but with you based on good practices, and our knowledge and experience, to meet your organization’s unique needs.  We can also use your own survey questions, or provide a sample survey set for your review and customization. 


With a Comprehensive Survey Package you receive the customized survey itself, related analysis, and a customized detailed feedback slide deck including our assessment of the ‘vital few’ areas for improvement plus recommendations on path forward. Additional coaching services are also available to help you address identified issues.


Our survey areas include:


  • Customer Experience 

  • Quality Management

  • Employee Engagement

  • Leadership

  • Multigenerational

  • Seniorwise

  • AllergyAble


We focus on adding value and we do it at a great price!  Surveys can be provided fully online, with hard copy and manual input, or a combination of the two to best serve your specific needs.

This dynamic little company of professionals were top notch in their service execution and responsiveness to our needs throughout the entire experience. They brought assessment expertise to the table giving us an end product enriched with identifiable strengths and tangible recommendations that were easily translatable into goals for enhanced service delivery. They've been true partners and motivators for us every step of the way as we proceed through a process of transformational performance development. 

Judy MacDougall, Former Senior Lead Excellence and Development

Breton Ability Centre

Thanks Judy!