Some organizations are looking for specific solutions tailored to their individual needs, e.g. enterprise risk management, to meet the requirements of standards like ISO 9001:2015, or other programs such as, Excellence Canada's Excellence, Innovation and Wellness.  

Often, there is a request for process improvement and management which we are also well positioned to provide.

A full list of the services we offer can be found below.

We provide coaching for leadership and management teams typically for small to medium sized organizations (i.e. up to 400 people) including the provision of:

  • 360-degree assessments (partnering with Self Management Group) for both teams and individuals.  Includes team and individual discussions on planning for improvement.  Trust assessments also available.

  • Team and individual coaching on maximizing personal and team strengths and improving team dynamics.


We provide training and facilitation for effective enterprise risk management for both the Board and Senior Team of an organization.  The enterprise risk management system is developed to assist in meeting the requirement of ISO 9001:2015 and Excellence Canada's EIW Standard, and most importantly your own needs. 


  • Categories of risk are reviewed and risks identified and assessed for likelihood, severity and velocity (with a related heat map);

  • Risk tolerance is established by the Board

  • Risk response is determined in accordance with the Board tolerance for risk

  • Mitigation strategies are developed as appropriate


We provide facilitation of strategic planning at the Board and Senior Management levels typically for small to medium sized organizations (i.e. up to 400 people) . This includes:

  • Traditional components like environmental/situational scans, SWOT analysis, mission/vision/purpose/values development or refinement, development of strategic directions/goals and tactics.

  • Where appropriate, organizational structure is also mapped for improvement.  Also addressed are strategic risk management, and change management including a communication strategy.

  • A related scorecard/dashboard (e.g. Kaplan Norton model) is developed to ensure effective measurement of progress against goals.

  • Ongoing support is provided on the cascade of the plan to Operational Planning.


We provide training and facilitation for effective process management including:

  • Identification of key processes and key enabling processes 

  • Training for facilitators on how to map processes for current state analysis, communication and improvement

    • Tools for analysis include process mapping, Lean principles, process analysis, root cause analysis, desired state mapping and related documentation to identify key issues and resolve them with effective action planning and monitoring 

  • Facilitation of maps for politically sensitive issues and/or as requested

  • Follow on coaching assistance


We provide coaching assistance for organizations who are implementing a management system for a number of recognized systems.